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The goal of STEM Seeds Elementary PD Camp is to provide opportunities for teachers to experience classroom STEM lessons from a student perspective, and develop STEM lesson facilitation skills. Camp provides opportunities for STEM teacher networking, idea sharing, and collaboration.


This multi-day workshop is designed for both fulltime STEM/STEAM teachers as well as teachers of other content areas interested in integrating STEM lesson activities and pedagogies into their curriculum. Teachers will learn the engineering design process in the institute by participating a variety of hands-on, multi-disciplinary projects. Participants will learn how the design process, measurement, budgeting, coding, data collection and analysis, and prototyping can be combined in engaging student lessons. The institute will also include a focus on developing student communication skills, including writing as well as oral fluency, using Angela Stockman's book "Make Writing" (http://makewriting.com) as a guide. 3D digital design apps and websites will be introduced which can be utilized for 3D printing. Participants will be introduced, through hands-on lessons, to the "constructionist" learning philosophy of Seymour Papert. In addition, strategies to encourage and support "computational thinking" in lesson activities utilizing coding will be explored. STEMseeds participants will learn a variety of specific, realistic strategies and project ideas to integrate into upcoming classroom lessons with students.

Workshop Resources

Primary Instructors

Amy Loeffelholz (@AmyLoeffelholz - @lesSTEM)
Wes Fryer (@wfryer - @casadySTEM - stem.wesfryer.com)
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